Mar 09, 2018

Str8 Rippin 2018: New Year, New Me

by Everett Coleman
NEWS /  Str8 News

Happy New Year, Str8 fans. I hope your 2018 is off to a great start.

Last year really was one for the books. We achieved our official one-year milestone, shipped Str8 gear to 14 different countries, competed in world championship events for Halo and Call of Duty, and created many memories that we will never forget. The Str8 Rippin staff and fans continue to amaze us with the outpouring of support and enthusiasm.

We are very proud to have finally opened our doors to our creative team, IlluStr8, and our content creators. I hope you all are enjoying the hard work that these new Str8 Rippin members are already producing.

Last year was very much a learning process where we set out to truly define our identity and strengthen the core of what Str8 Rippin is. We explored many new areas and landed on a direction that we feel confident with heading into 2018.

Our focus for this year is to work closely with and support our creators in developing their individual talent, helping them achieve their own goals, and depicting the story behind our pro teams. We cannot begin to express our appreciation and gratitude to all of the new members of the team for believing in our vision and utilizing their abilities to help us move forward.

This direction and commitment to elevate Str8 Rippin will also be met with a brand new logo and type that we believe stays true to our roots while evolving and adapting to the standards of today.

Over the coming weeks, we will begin rolling out the first official Str8 Rippin website, a massive update and overhaul to the Str8 Shop including a range of new products and accessories, and a wide variety of content and entertainment for you to enjoy. In preparation for the launch of Str8 Shop v2, we will be discounting all non-pro line products by 30% (use code: STR82018) throughout the month of January.

If you do not already, be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the updates.

As always, stay rippin.

Everett Coleman
Owner of Str8 Rippin and General Manager of the H1Z1 Pro League. I have been involved in esports for 10+ years as a player, coach, caster, team owner, and product manager and have worked across many o...