Jul 12, 2018

Str8 Halo is loving GT Omega

by Thomas Taylor
NEWS /  Str8 News

With HCS NOLA around the corner, GT Omega wanted to make sure we were all taken care of before the event. Each member of the pro team received custom Str8 Rippin chairs. GT Omega also hooked up GrimisS and Lindsay with chairs, check out a clip of their unboxing below!

Here is what the Halo team had to say about their new chairs:

DastroyedThe GT Omega is the first gaming chair I’ve ever had. The instructions were very simple to put together. The past three days I’ve been using it and it’s the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. I’m not struggling to get comfortable anymore because of the GT Omega!

Str8 SickI have been using the Str8 Rippin GT Omega chair for the last couple days now, I couldn’t tell you anything that isn’t awesome about the chair, amazing quality, easy directions, and heck this thing fully reclines completely flat! It’s insane. Long nights after working it’s an amazing feeling sitting down in the chair and actually feeling comfortable. Adding the Str8 Rippin logo to the middle as well with the sleek Black and Blue design, this chair can’t be beat!

Dr Danny Pham is also going to be doing an unboxing of his GT Omega Chair LIVE from his Twitch channel. We’ll post it on our social media once we know the exact time and date so be sure to follow us for more info! Big shout out to GT Omega for the Str8 Rippin chair hook up and if you want to get your own, while also supporting the team – pick one up at gtomegaracing.com and use code “Str8” for 5% off!

Thomas Taylor
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