Jul 12, 2018

Str8 Rippin community tage update!

by Thomas Taylor
NEWS /  Str8 News

Good news everyone! We are extending the deadline to submit clips for the Str8 Rippin community montage until August 15th! While we did receive a fair amount of great clips, we want this montage to be even more elaborate, which means we need you guys to start up those Xboxes, slap on the Str8 Rippin skins, and pwn some noobs!

Here is the original video if you missed our first announcement!

That has all of the info you need on how to submit your clips and a list of PRIZES!

More of a visual person? Check out these deets:

Submit your clip into the community montage section of the Str8 Rippin discord. (Invite)


1st place clip: Custom Str8 Rippin Pro Jersey

2nd place clip: GFUEL tub of choice

3rd place clip: Str8 Rippin Hat


Good luck and thanks to everyone participating – we look forward to seeing your gameplay!

Thomas Taylor
Besides gaming, I've recently retaken getting back into shape which I feel plays a major part in longevity in esports!