Jul 12, 2018

Str8 Rippin welcomes Ashm0nster!

by Thomas Taylor
NEWS /  Str8 News

Meet the newest content creator to join the Str8 Rippin family! ASHM0NSTER is a variety streamer who has recently been playing a ton of Fallout 4. While she’s not gaming, you can catch her at plenty of cons and events! Ash also loves cosplay and recently did a photoshoot with friend and fellow streammate, Lindsay Elyse:

Ashm0nster as JunkoAshm0nster and Lindsay as Circi and Yennefer

Check out ASHM0NSTER at twitch.tv/ASHM0NSTER, where she usually streams Monday to Friday starting around 7 pm EST. You can also learn more on her Str8 Rippin profile.

Welcome to the team, Ashm0nster! We are stoked and lucky to have you!!!

Thomas Taylor
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