Robert Harlamert

Robert Harlamert

Birthplace Cincinnati, OH
Age 30
Date of Birth Jul 23rd, 1991

Hey everyone, I'm Rob also known as Elder. I'm 26 years old and currently on staff as management at Str8 Rippin. I started my interest in ESports in 2004 when I started watching the Halo 2 MLG Tournament series on MTV. From 2004-2016 I continued to follow Halo though MLG and ESL. Early 2017 I had the opportunity to come onto Str8 as their social media manager. I currently am a Pastor at a church in Central Kentucky, where my wife and I live, and loving every second of it. My goal of being apart of this community is to live by Handle "Elder": An Elder was someone who was viewed as wise, trustworthy, and someone who would give truth.