Luis Montero

Luis Montero

Birthplace Boston, MA
Age 25
Date of Birth Jun 04th, 1996

My name is Luis Montero, also known as Louie in the Esports community. I was born in Puerto Rico on June 4th. Im also a twin! Through my love for Call of Duty, I found Esports and fell in love with how they were ran. I wanted to be apart of it in some way. I always had a passion for designing so I knew I could join an Esports org through learning about design and spending countless hours studying how to be a better designer. In 2018 I got the opportunity to join Str8 Rippin and it was the best decision I've made in Esports because of the members of the organization. My long term goals are to grow with Str8 Rippin and to help lead an Esports organization.