Remy Nadj
Mint Blitz

Remy Nadj

Birthplace Australia
Age 27
Date of Birth Jul 23rd, 1994

I've been playing Halo since 2001 and have always enjoyed creating montages for others to watch, it's a priviledge to be apart of this group of people who I've known for a long time and it's been great to meet new ones a long the way. I usually spend 1 - 2 weeks gathering clips, I storyboard a theme and then edit it in around 12 hours. These videos usually come out every other week and are usually based on whichever playlist is featured on Halo 5. On top of this I save the best clips that I get and then release a 10 - 15 large project every 6 - 12 months which has thousands of hours of work put into it from not only creative clips but editing that focuses building an atmosphere whilst watching.