Jed Paddon

Jed Paddon

Birthplace New Zealand
Age 26
Date of Birth Apr 08th, 1995

Hey everyone I'm Jed, also known as ScytheZ, I'm 23 and from New Zealand. Ever since I discovered Halo montages back in 2009, especially the Str8 tage which was the biggest influence that led me to montages, I've been hooked. It's a huge honor to work with Str8 Rippin. I have always had an interest in shooting and editing videos, but montages interested me the most. As I edited Halo clips my passion took over and I went on to study digital design. For Str8 Rippin, I'm a part of the Illustr8 team as a video editor. My overall goal with Str8 Rippin is to keep creating quality content for the team while improving my various design skills to hopefully end up in the VFX industry one day!