Tanner Roach

Tanner Roach

Birthplace Virginia
Age 03
Date of Birth Oct 10th, 2018

Hey Str8 family! I'm currently a content creator for Str8 Rippin! I've been a fan of Str8 Rippin Halo since 08/09! I was inspired by the pro players to be the best Halo and Call of Duty player I could. After a sports injury, video games were my outlet, and that's when I began creating content on YouTube and Twitch. My favorite genre of games to play and create content with are FPS and survival games. I love being a content creator, and I receive joy when I see new people through YouTube and Twitch! I always wanted to be a full time streamer, and am continuously realizing how difficult that is! I would love to get a job in Esports or some how work for Twitch later down the road!